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sTech stromPrisSeer Software Plugin for HS4

sTech stromPrisSeer Software Plugin for HS4

  • $ 35

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Uses the entsoe API to get power prices from Nordpool, also gets the Euro price from Norges bank used for conversion from EURO to NOK.

Main Features

  • Todays power prices from Nordpool
  • Tomorrows power prices from Nordpool(After 1PM CET)
  • Daily NOK to EURO conversion rate(After 4PM CET weekdays)
  • Supports fastpris/energipris to calculate 'nettleie'
  • Adjustable tax rate


  • Software License Codes


  • HomeSeer HS4-Powered System
  • Compatible with Windows
  • Entsoe access token
  • Connected to NO1-5 grids(Norway)