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Xantech 284D Dual IR™ Mouse Emitter

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This series of mini emitters contain a tiny infrared light emitting diode housed in a miniature, almost black, injection molded plastic shell. These versatile units can be used in a number of innovative ways.

Main Features

  • Non-visible, high-output version
  • Clear adhesive film included on emitter housing for attachment to IR window of controlled component
  • Terminated with a 3.5mm mono mini plug
  • Dual version of the 282M, includes 2 emitters

They are designed to be installed directly on the IR control window of the controlled equipment. The almost black shell passes infrared (IR) leaving access to the original remote controller while at the same time making the most unobtrusive installation possible.

The new mouse emitters are made of a deep purple Lexan® for improved infrared pass-through, allowing a greater range of direct control of components from hand-held controllers. The “M” series emitters also now use a new and improved adhesive that keeps emitters attached to components in even the most harsh conditions. This version does not include a "blink" LED and is ideal for longer runs.


  • Length of wire: 7 feet to junction, 3 feet to each emitter
  • New deep purple Lexan® shell

Downloads (Manuals / User Guides / Software)

What's Included

  • IR Mouse emitter

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