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HomeSeer HomeTroller Zee S2 (US) Smart Home Hub - OPEN BOX

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Our Most Affordable Smart Home Hub

Looking for a smart home hub that's not just a 'toy' but won't break the bank? HomeTroller Zee S2 might be the home controller for you. Zee S2 features locally managed automation for speed, reliability & security and works with popular smart speakers & hundreds of other smart home products.

Main Features

  • Home Controller with HS3-Pi3 Software
  • Controls Light Switches, Thermostats, Door Locks, Garage Doors, Water Valves, Energy Monitors, Environmental Sensors, Cameras and More
  • Built In Z-Wave Radio (US edition only)
  • Includes Free HomeSeer Mobile app for Apple and Android Devices
  • Includes Free MyHS Remote Access Service
  • Supports Your Choice of Up to 5 Linux Plug-ins (including pre-installed Z-Wave plug-in).
  • Works with Amazon Alexa & Google Home Assistant Devices
  • Directly Supports Google Voice Control from any Android Device
  • IFTTT Compatible – Works with Hundreds of Web Products, Apps and Services
  • Can issue spoken messages for alerts, announcement and reminders
  • Fully Customizable Email and Text Alerts

    Reliable & Fast Locally Processed Automation

    HomeTrollers process all your automation locally, ensuring the highest level of reliability and performance. You won't experience the "delays" that are common with Internet-reliant solutions like typical 'smart hubs' and 'gateways'.

    Safe & Secure

    Every HomeTroller is designed to store all your sensitive information right there at home, never in the cloud. This helps to prevent hackers and prying eyes from seeing your personal data and custom home automation schedules.


    Our MyHS web service simplifies the process of controlling your home remotely but is not required to automate your home. Your HomeTroller will continue to control your home 24/7, even when the internet is down or there's a web service outage.

    Works with (Nearly) Everything

    HomeTrollers are designed to work with thousands of products from hundreds of manufactures using most popular home automation technologies. With HomeSeer, your imagination is your only limitation!

    Amazon Echo / IFTTT / Google Home

    Leverage the latest technology with your HomeSeer-powered home! Use Amazon's popular 'Echo' or a Google Home device to control your home by voice and create IFTTT 'Recipes' that integrate with more than 300 web products, apps and services from around the world!


    • CPU: ARM Cortex-A53 CPU (1.2 GHz, 4 core)
    • RAM: 1 GB
    • Storage: 16 GB SD
    • 4 USB Ports
    • LAN Port
    • HDMI Port
    • Linux OS
    • Includes built-in Z-Wave Plus certifed interface (US)
    • Built-in WiFi
    • AC Power Adapter: c(UL)us approved, 100-240v, 50/60Hz in, 5v 1a out, US style plug
    • Unit Dimensions: 4.4" x 3.8" 1" (113mm x 97mm x 27mm)
    • 3 watt power consumption
    • Works with your choice of up to 5 software plug-ins (drivers)



    • HomeTroller Zee S2 unit with built-in Z-Wave interface (US)
    • AC Power Adapter with Micro USB Cable
    • Ethernet Cable
    • Quick Start Guide


    • Internet Connected Router


    Open Box stock includes customer returns that have been opened or new items with damaged packaging. Most items are in 'like new' condition but some may have slight cosmetic blemishes. All open box items come with the original manufacturer's warranty and are also covered by our 30-day return policy.

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