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skWare Technologies (shill) Tesla Vehicles Software Plugin for HS3

skWare Technologies (shill) Tesla Vehicles Software Plugin for HS3

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Tesla Vehicles

This plugin uses the Tesla Owner API to replicate much of the Tesla App functionality and allows you to monitor your car's status (basic info, climate system, charge status, etc.) and to control things like the trunks, climate system and charge settings.

Main Features

  • Manage vampire drain with wake and sleep settings
  • Monitor or control multiple vehicles on an account
  • Lock/Unlock Doors
  • Open Trunk/Frunk
  • Honk Horn, Flash Lights & Remote Start
  • Set Driver and Passenger Temperatures
  • Turn Climate System on/off
  • Start/Stop Charging (great for scheduled stop times!)
  • Open/Close/Unlock Charge Port
  • Set Sunroof Position
  • Define and report on named locations for your vehicle
  • Schedule/Cancel Software Updates
  • Control Seat Heaters and Heated Steering Wheels
  • Turn Sentry Mode On/Off
  • Vent/Close Windows
  • Activate Max Defrost
  • Supports multiple accounts
  • Send an address to the navigation system


  • Software License Codes


  • HomeSeer HS4-Powered System
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux
  • Windows 7 or higher (for Windows HS3 servers)
  • Linux (Pi/Zee/SEL) HS3 servers must run Mono 4.8.1 or higher
  • Tesla Model S, 3, X or Y


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