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HomeSeer HS4-Pi & HomeTroller Zee S2 Upgrade - HomeSeer

HomeSeer HS4-Pi & HomeTroller Zee S2 Upgrade

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Smart Home Software For Raspberry Pi Systems

HS4-Pi is an advanced smart home automation software that's designed to work a wide range of smart home products and technologies. Use to remotely and automatically control smart home devices such as smart switches, thermostats, door locks, sensors & more. Purchase this license to upgrade your HomeTroller Zee S2 unit or HS3-Pi system - Be sure to choose correct option before checking out.

All New HS4 Features

  • Responsive Web GUI - Devices, events & settings will now display nicely on any device.
  • Camera Recording - Use HS4-Pi to record security camera clips to your MyHS remote account.
  • Auto Backup - Your system's devices, events & settings are automatically backed up to your MyHS remote account.
  • Device Categories - Devices can now be filtered by floor, room and category. Event triggers, conditions & actions will use categories in future HS4 versions.
  • More Free Integrations - HS4-Pi will include free plugins for popular smart products from Philips, Harmony, Ecobee, MyQ and more.
  • Mobile Management - With HS4-Pi, you'll be able to manage settings, devices and events from your mobile device.

Works with (Nearly) Everything

HS4-Pi systems are designed to work with thousands of products from hundreds of manufactures using most popular home automation technologies. With HomeSeer, your imagination is your only limitation!



  • Software License Codes


  • HomeTroller Zee S2 or Raspberry Pi system running HS3-Pi.
  • Configuration: Desktop or Mobile Device running Chrome, Firefox or Safari Web Browser

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