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Smart Home Is Our Passion!

Welcome to HomeSeer! For more than 20 years, we've been a leading provider of smart home products. Our commitment to new & emerging technologies, our support for the world's most popular products and our focus on value make HomeSeer the right choice for any home automation need!

What Can You Automate?


Your lights come on when you want them to, for safety, security & convenience.

  • Automatically turn on lights when it gets dark
  • Automatically turn on lights when motion is sensed
  • Automatically turn off lights when motion is not sensed
  • Automatically turn on lights when it's sunset
  • Remotely turn on your lights with your phone, touchscreen or smart speaker
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Sensors keep watch over your home and trigger automations and alerts.

  • Use a light sensor to control indoor lighting
  • Use a motion sensor to turn on lights when a room is occupied
  • Use a door sensor to detect and intruder or to know when your kids are home from school
  • Use a water sensor to shut a water valve if a leak is detected
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Get a handle on your heating & cooling costs without breaking a sweat.

  • Automatically turn on heating or cooling on a schedule
  • Automatically control heating or cooling when the house is occupied or unoccupied
  • Automatically turn off the HVAC system when smoke or carbon monoxide are detected
  • Remotely control your thermostat with your phone, touchscreen or smart speaker
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Door Locks

    Keep tabs on the kids or let the contractor in when you're not home. HomeSeer systems work with most brands of Z-Wave door locks.
    • Automatically unlock the door on a schedule or when you're at home
    • Remotely unlock the door to let the cleaner or contractor in
    • Receive alerts when someone tries to tamper with the lock
    • Get notifications when the kids come home
    • Remotely control your locks with your phone, touchscreen or smart speaker

    Water Valves

    Is the hot water heater leaking? Our smart valves come to the rescue.

    • Automatically close the valve when water leaks are detected
    • Regulate irrigation
    • Control shower times
    • Protect your home or other property from water damage
    • Remotely control your water valves with your phone, touchscreen or smart speaker
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    Keep an eye on your property, your family, your life with our security cameras.

    • Automatically record when motion is sensed or when doors are opened
    • Keep an eye on your property when you're away
    • Keep an eye on your or pets or your kids
    • Monitor your attic or basement for pests
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    How Do You Start?

    Choose a smart home hub

    Your smart home is only as smart as your main hub. We offer 3 different hubs, each designed to be the best value for the price. Each hub features locally-managed automation for superior performance, reliability and security.

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    Or make your own hub

    HS4 software, you can build your own hub using a Windows, Linux or Raspberry Pi computer.

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    Choose your devices


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    Install your hub and devices

    Be sure to access our online help files and documentation. If you need additional help, be sure to...

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