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Nutech AD2USB-S2 Ademco Vista Panel Interface- Series 2:HomeSeer Store

Nutech AD2USB-S2 Ademco Vista Panel Interface- Series 2

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Ademco Vista Security Panel Interface

AD2USB is a security panel interface that allows smart home systems to monitor and control Ademco Vista security panels. Use with HomeSeer to arm or disarm the system and to trigger automations when security sensors are tripped.


Designed to connect an Ademco Vista 10se, 20se, 15p, 20p, or 50p security system to a HomeSeer PC or Home Automation Controller
Operate alarm system remotely with virtual keypad


It is possible with this device to arm/disarm, detect open and closing of zones, unlock or discover installer codes, program your panel, download programming and even expose your alarm sensors to your
home automation system.

The system comes with firmware and a bootloader so you can upload new firmware as improvements are added.

This is a full ALPHA keypad emulator so you don't need a physical keypad to program the alarm. You can also arm / disarm the alarm via your own home automation system as well as backup
the alarm configuration to a file. You can also monitor events such as door open / close events and pass that information along to your home automation system.

The devices presents itself to your computer as a simple COM port at any baud you wish. Just attach the device to the 4 wires from alarm panel or extend an existing alarm panel keypad wires to this device.

A video of the device running under windows with the provided Perl curses GUI

The device uses a PIC processor connected to an FTDI 245 FIFO chip with the required firmware and hardware to enable it to communicate on the Ademco alarm panel bus.


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