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Aeon Labs Aeotec ZW098-A52 Z-Wave RGB LED Light Bulb GEN5

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The Aeotec RGB light bulb is designed to work with HomeSeer (and other) controllers to change color based on things that happen in your home. Run HomeSeer events to change the lighting in your home for alerts and reminders. HomeSeer can also change the dim timing, to allow the bulb to gently wake you over time in the morning.

Main Features

  • Z-Wave controllable RGB Light Bulb
  • 850 Lumens
  • 9 watt power consumption
  • Can display up to 16 Million Colors
  • Use with HomeSeer (and other systems) to change color when things happen in your home
  • Z-Wave Plus certified
  • Acts as a repeater to extend Z-Wave range in your home


  • 908.42 MHz Z-Wave frequency

What's Included

  • ZW098 Bulb
  • Manual

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