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Bone Yard Deal #19 | 5 Used Cameras

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(5) HS-CAM-O Secuity Cameras

One of our customers bought these 5 cameras, could not figure out how to get them working and returned them.... all in 1 box... with no packaging... and no packing material. Needless to say, they did not survive the trip back in pristine condition. All of the camera housing are a bit scratched up.

However... we tested them all and they do work just fine. There do not appear to be any significant scratches on the lens areas. Nonetheless... we are deeply discounting them.

FWIW - We can't fix the scratches but at least we won't be adding any more shipping them to you!


  • (5) scuffed HS-CAM-O Security Cameras
  • (5) WiFi Antennas
  • (5) Power Supplies
  • (1) Allen wrench for adjusting the mounting position

You will need to provide your own mounting hardware (screws mostly).

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