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Cooper RF9536-NAW Z-Wave 3-Way, 3-Wire 1000 watt Dimmer, Alpine White

Cooper RF9536-NAW Z-Wave 3-Way, 3-Wire 1000 watt Dimmer, Alpine White

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Aspire RF™ Dimmers replace regular switches to provide local and remote ON/OFF/DIM/BRIGHT control and are compatible with Incandescent, Magnetic Low-Voltage and Electronic Low-Voltage lighting loads. Aspire RF Dimmers provide other programmable functions (scenes, events, association, child lockout, etc.) when used with Aspire RF or other Z-Wave® compliant controllers*. Each dimmer can be manually and remotely controlled by commands sent from an Aspire RF controller (RFTDCSG, RFHDCSG, RFBER) or other Z-Wave compatible controllers or programs. Aspire RF Dimmers utilize existing 120 V/AC 60Hz standard house wiring and fit into standard wallboxes. No new wiring needed.

Main Features

  • Supports instant status, HomeSeer is immediatly notified when switch is operated locally.
  • Supports associations, can be associated with HomeSeer or other devices.
  • Supports Z-Wave scene class so it can be used with wall controllers and HomeSeer scenes.
  • Dimming bar with LED Brightness indicator
  • Can be associated with up to 5 different devices
  • Requires a neutral


  • 1000 Watt
  • 120 VAC 60Hz

Downloads (Manuals / User Guides / Software)

What's Included

  • RF9536-N Switch
  • Instructions

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Comments / Notes

  • Note: For 3-way (or more) circuits, use Cooper RF9542-Z accessory switch only. When using an RF9542-Z it will need to associated with the RF9534-N using either HomeSeer software or a Cooper remote control. The association allows the RF9542-Z to control the RF9534-N using RF control. No traveler wire is used or required.
  • Note: Alpine White products normally ships within 24 hours. All other colors normally ship within 48 hours.

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