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DSC IT-100 PowerSeries Integration Module - HomeSeer Store

DSC IT-100 PowerSeries Integration Module

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Use to integrate DSC PowerSeries secuity panel with any HomeSeer system. Allows HomeSeer to monitor the status of all zones and to arm or disarrn the panel. Use to trigger HomeSeer events or send HomeSeer alerts based on any security condition.

Main Features

  • Compatible with all PowerSeries control panels
  • Bi-directional RS-232 interface
  • Real-time zone status
  • Fully programmable
  • 4-wire hook-up to KEYBUS
  • Virtual keypad mode
  • Thermostat control functionality via a DSC Escort module
  • Supported by many integration drivers
  • Approval Listings: European CE Directives (EMC), FCC/IC

Downloads (Manuals / User Guides / Software)

  • Developer Guide

What's Included

  • Developer Guide
  • IT-100 Interface


  • HomeSeer DSC Plug-in required for use with HomeSeer Systems.

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