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DSC KIT16-120CP01NT Alarm Panel Kit - OPEN BOX

DSC KIT16-120CP01NT Alarm Panel Kit - OPEN BOX

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Alarm Panel Kit

DSC PowerSeries alarm panel. May be integrated with HomeSeer systems using their IT-100 serial interface (not included).


  • DSC Power 1616 system board with cabinet
  • DSC RFK5501 keypad with built-in wireless receiver (Will not support 2-way devices)
  • DSC LC-100-PI hardwired motion detector with pet immunity
  • 12 volt 4 amp system backup battery
  • 15 watt surface mount indoor siren
  • RJ31X telephone jack and cord set
  • User guide


This kit is orphaned stock found in the warehouse recently. It appears to be new and a quick check inside the box appears to show that all parts are included.

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