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GoControl GC-OLK Z-Wave Plus Overhead Light Kit

GoControl GC-OLK Z-Wave Plus Overhead Light Kit

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This special kit is perfect for adding smart lighting control without any wiring! Simply install the included GoControl battery-operated wall controller OVER your existing wall switch and then replace your light fixture bulbs with the two GoControl smart bulbs. Pair the wall controller to the bulbs with your HomeSeer (or other) smart home controller.

Main Features

  • Converts a conventional lighting circuit to a smart lighting circuit in minutes with no wiring required!
  • Compatible with HomeSeer (and many other) home automation systems.
  • Wall controller may be configured to control bulbs directly or to launch lighting events (scenes).
  • Perfect for apartment dwellers - no wiring required!
  • Bulbs function as Z-Wave repeaters and consume just 9 watts each.

Suggested Uses

  • Use in place of a Z-Wave lamp module in any application. Allows same on-off-dim control without ugly plug-in modules cluttering up your home.
  • Add smart light control with no wiring; great for apartment dwellers!
  • No neutral at switch location? No problem! Install LB60Z bulbs in overhead fixture and pair with WA00Z-1 battery-operated wall controller.
  • Add smart light control to any pull chain light fixure. Great for closets!


  • 120v/60hz White
  • Signal (Frequency): 908.42 MHz, 9.6Kbps or 40Kbps capable
  • 750 lumens
  • 9 watts power consumption
  • 2700K color temperature (warm white)

What's Included

  • (1) WA00Z-1 Wall Controller
  • (2) LB60Z-1 light bulbs
  • Installation guides

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