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FREE HSM200 with WX300 Multi-Packs

FREE HSM200 with WX300 Multi-Packs

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Buy a specially priced 3-pack or 5-pack of WX300 smart switches and get a HSM200 multi-sensor for free! No coupon necessary. Offer valid through 5/27.

The Best Z-Wave Smart Dimmer Switch

What makes our Z-Wave smart dimmer switch better? HS-WX300-R2 can be configured to run as a dimmer or switch, works with or without a neutral wire, has (7) LED indicators that may be programmed to glow or blink different colors when things happen in your home and you can launch automations by tapping the paddle multiple times.

WX300 Features

  • Versatile: May be configured to work as DIMMER or ON-OFF switch
  • Compatible: Does NOT require a neutral wire | perfect for older homes
  • Annunciation: Includes 7 individually controllable RGB LED dimmer status indicators | Color & blink status of LED indicators are controlled with Z-Wave commands
  • Scene Controler: Support multi-tap and press & hold event triggers up to 5 taps (14 possible triggers)
  • Smart bulb feature decouples load control and allows the WX300 to be used exclusively as a controller.
  • Paddle toggle feature allows any paddle press (top or bottom) to be used to turn lights on and off. This feature provides easier manual operation for users with accessibility issues.
  • Default dim level feature allows users to set the dim level that the switch goes to when turned on via the paddle.
  • LED indicator light level feature allows users to change the indicator light intensity.
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AC Powered Multi-sensor With RGB Indicator

HSM200 senses motion, temperature and light level and it can be programmed to display up to 7 different glowing colors when things happen in the home. The unit is line powered so there are no batteries to change and it works as a repeater for your Z-Wave network.

HSM200 Features

  • Multiple Sensors included to monitor motion, temperature and light levels
  • RGB LED may be programmed to glow different colors when things happen in your home
  • AC-powered - just plug into any 120v outlet and pair with your hub. Never needs batteries!
  • Works as a Z-Wave network repeater
  • Supports Z-Wave Plus technology
  • Firmware may be updated by home owner
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This switch includes advanced features that are supported by the following hubs:

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