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HomeTroller Zee S2 (Non RF) Authorized Dealer Bundle:HomeSeer Store

HomeTroller Zee S2 (Non RF) Authorized Dealer Bundle

  • $ 963.91

HomeTroller Zee S2 (Non RF) is similar to our standard Zee S2 but does not include a Z-Wave radio. This must be paired with a UZB stick for use with Z-Wave.Our HomeTroller Zee bundle is designed for modest or budget-conscious installations. The bundle includes 2 HomeTroller Zee S2 (Non RF) units, 1 HSTouch Designer License, 2 hours of web-based training and 1 year of priority telephone support.

Main Features

  • HomeTroller Zee S2 Authorized Dealer Bundle
  • For installers servicing advanced client needs
  • Includes 2x HomeTroller Zee S2 home automation controller kits
  • Includes HS3Touch Designer License (for creating custom control screens)
  • Includes 2 hours of web-based training (setup and configuration basics)
  • Includes 1 year or priority telephone support

Downloads (Manuals / User Guides / Software)

What's Included

  • 2x HomeTroller Zee S2 controller kits
  • 1 HS3Touch Designer License
  • 2 hours web-based training
  • 1 year priority telephone support
  • MyHS Remote Access Service (1 yr, 5-systems)


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