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HomeSeer HS-FS100-W Z-Wave Perimeter Water Sensor

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Z-Wave Smart Perimeter Water Leak Sensor

Need to check for leaks in more than one spot? Our HS-FS100-W Z-Wave perimeter water sensor includes a 4-ft fluid sensing cable that can detect leaks at any point along its length. Use for 360 degree protection around appliances or string cables together for complete room protection (up to 150 ft)!

Main Features

Most water sensors (including our HS-LS100+) can only sense fluid in one small spot. HS-FS100-W is designed to check for leaks over a much larger area. Wrap the included 4 ft cable around your water heater or string several cables together to monitor a wall or room. 





  • Sensor Body
  • Mounting hardware
  • 4 foot fluid sensing cable
  • Manual


  • US Z-Wave network


  • Compatible with HomeSeer systems or with SmartThings hubs (with special device handler).

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