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HomeSeer SmartStick G8 (800 Series) Z-Wave USB Stick for HomeSeer, Home Assistant and other Smart Home Software - BWP

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Z-Wave Plus V2 USB Stick

SmartStick G8 is a Z-Wave Plus V2 USB stick for use with HomeSeer, Home Assistant, and other Z-Wave compatible smart home software. SmartStick G8 offers extended wireless range and better security compared to previous SmartStick models. SmartStick G8 may be used with Z-NETs for a centrally managed, multi-network installation.

Main Features

  • Z-Wave Plus V2 (800 Series) Interface for use with HomeSeer and other brand software and hubs
  • Supports Z-Wave Plus V2 (and older) Products
  • Upgrade-able from Series 500 or 700 controllers running ZDK 6.61 or higher (requires HomeSeer Z-Wave Plus plugin or ZWave JS UI 9.9.0 or later).
  • Supports Z-Wave S2 Security + Secure Vault™ - Requires Compatible Software or Hub
  • Supports Z-Wave "Smart Start" Inclusion - Requires Compatible Software or Hub
  • May be Used with Z-NETs in Larger Homes or for Secondary Residences or Outbuildings
  • Supports multiple Z-Wave international regions when used with HomeSeer or Home Assistant software or hubs.


Upgrade to SmartStick G8 from any 500 series or 700 series controller running ZDK version 6.61 or later. Read the SmartStick G8 Migration Guide for details.

Upgrades may ONLY be performed using HomeSeer's Z-Wave Plus plugin or Home Assistant's Z-Wave JS UI version 9.9.0 or later.

👉 DO NOT use PC Controller to perform an upgrade. That will render the stick unusable and void its warranty.


  • Z-Wave Plus V2 Certified
  • Protocol: Sigma Serial API
  • Built-in 800 Series Z-Wave Module
  • Includes ZDK 7.20.2 or later
  • Field-up-gradable Firmware
  • Supports international Z-Wave regions when used with HomeSeer or Home Assistant software or hubs.
  • Compatibility: Any Z-Wave certified smart home software or hub (including all HomeSeer systems) running under Linux or Windows 7 (or higher). 



  • HomeSeer HS4 system running V4 Z-Wave plugin OR any software that's compatible with Z-Wave Plus controllers.
  • For upgrading from another controller: HomeSeer Z-Wave Plus plugin or Z-Wave JS US v9.9.0 (or later). Previous controller must be running ZDK 6.61 or later.


  • SmartStick G8 Unit
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty


  • Windows 7 or higher & Linux are supported. 
  • Windows XP is not supported.
  • Supports multiple Z-Wave frequencies when used with HomeSeer software or hubs.

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