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FREE HS4 Software with SmartStick G8 Controller Purchase!

FREE HS4 Software with SmartStick G8 Controller Purchase!

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GET FREE: HS4 Smart Home Software!

Buy a SmartStick G8 Z-Wave controller and get HS4 for FREE!

HS4 Features

  • Locally Managed For Best Performance, Reliability & Security
  • Includes Free Integrations for Z-Wave, Zigbee, Philips HUE, Harmony Hub, Ecobee, Tuya, Wemo, Rachio, LIFX, Chromecast and more
  • Includes Free MyHS Lite Remote Access Service 
  • Supports Alexa & Google smart speakers and IFTTT with MyHS Plus subscription
  • Can issue spoken messages for alerts, announcement and reminders
  • Fully Customizable Email and Text Alerts
  • Responsive Web GUI - Devices, events & settings will now display nicely on any device.
  • Live Camera View - Our live view page allows you to see all cameras at a glance. Click on any camera for a larger view with pan/tilt and record features!
  • Camera Recording - Use HS4 to record security camera clips to your MyHS remote account.
  • Auto Backup - Your system's devices, events & settings are automatically backed up to your MyHS remote account.
  • Device Categories - Devices can now be filtered by floor, room and category. Event triggers, conditions & actions will use categories in future HS4 versions.
  • More Free Integrations - HS4 will include free plugins for popular smart products from Philips, Harmony, Ecobee, MyQ and more.
  • Mobile Management - With HS4, you'll be able to manage settings, devices and events from your mobile device.
  • Window Service Support - HS4 includes an option to run as a Windows service (no PC login required). This is particularly useful with installations that are not physically secure.

SmartStick G8 Features

  • Z-Wave Plus V2 (800 Series) Interface for use with HomeSeer and other brand software and hubs
  • Upgrade-able from Series 500 or 700 controllers running ZDK 6.61 or higher (requires HomeSeer Z-Wave Plus plugin or ZWave JS UI 9.9.0 or later).
  • Supports Z-Wave S2 Security - Requires Compatible Software or Hub
  • Supports Z-Wave "Smart Start" Inclusion - Requires Compatible Software or Hub
  • May be Used with Z-NETs in Larger Homes or for Secondary Residences or Outbuildings - Requires Compatible Software or Hub
  • Supports multiple Z-Wave international regions when used with HomeSeer or Home Assistant software or hubs.


  • HS4 Software License
  • SmartStick G8 Z-Wave Controller
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