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alexbk66 AK WebIO Software Plugin for HS4

alexbk66 AK WebIO Software Plugin for HS4

  • $ 39

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Plugin for controlling IP/IoT/WEB/USB relay and input boards and controllers (i.e. KMtronic, Denkovi, Kincony, Teracom, etc)
Flexible plugin architecture allows the plugin author to easily add device support. Please post your requirements in the support forum.

Main Features

  • Reading Digital I/O inputs and controlling Relay outputs
  • Teracom - Ethernet IO modules TCW220 / TCW241
  • Reading Analog inputs and controlling Analog outputs
  • Support many device types, more coming, please request
  • Functionality depends on the selected device, i.e.
  • KMTronic WEB/UDP LAN Ethernet IP 2/4/8 Channels Relay Controllers
  • Teracom - Remote IO Modules TCW122B / TCW181B
  • Denkovi WiFi 16 Relay Module
  • Denkovi Smartden Opener and Denkovi DAEnetIP4 latest I/O controller


  • Software License Codes


  • HomeSeer HS4-Powered System
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux