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HiTec Homes Sprinklers Software Plugin for HS3:HomeSeer Store

HiTec Homes Sprinklers Software Plugin for HS3

  • $ 39.95


This is a compact .NET4 plugin built using strict adherence to HomeSeer's 3.0 plugin API, ensuring future generations of plugin will take full advantage new features in HomeSeer when available. 

This is a .NET4 plugin used to allow serial port control of a WGL's Rain8Net Serial Controller, from HomeSeer 3.0 or greater. Simple commands can be sent via Events or scripts to Power-On or Off valves, or obtain status. A Scheduling Web page allows simple schedules to be created which generate date-time HS events to perform watering/irrigation tasks.

This is a no frills plugin, designed to  perform reliably and quickly.  Configuration INI file stores configs such as number of Rain8Net units, number of zones, Debug option, Log to file option, and GoNoGo Device.   Configuration web page is accessed through HomeSeer's Setup-Interface link using standard HomeSeer API rather than ASPX and additional files.


  • Compatible with Windows only