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Matt Guerini OpenSprinkler Software Plugin for HS3

Matt Guerini OpenSprinkler Software Plugin for HS3

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This plugin is used to provide a link between HS3 and an OpenSprinkler controller.
Connects to OpenSprinkler Controller and build devices for Controller, one device per station, one device per program, and devices for settings such as Rain Delay, Watering %, Status, History, and Rain Sensor.
Two-way control and monitoring of OpenSprinkler through these devices.

Please visit the OpenSprinkler forum for more details and support for this plugin.

Main Features

    What's Included

    • Software License Codes


    • HomeSeer HS3 or HS3PRO
    • Compatible with Windows and Linux
    • OpenSprinkler with Firmware at 2.10 or greater.

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