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stefxx HS4 Internals Software Plugin for HS4

stefxx HS4 Internals Software Plugin for HS4

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This HS4 Internals plugin enables many HS4 capabilities normally hidden to regular users and adds essential features and monitoring options to HS4 and the underlying operating system. It makes it easier to accomplish basic and advanced tasks without complicated scripting or additional software.

Note that some features are very powerful, and are intended to be used by developers only. Use proper judgment before making changes to your HS4 system and always have a backup in place.

Main Features

  • Advanced device/feature editor. Open any device/feature property, and select the 'HS4 Internals' tab.
  • Config file editor. Edit any (plugin) .ini file located in the 'Config' folder.
  • Features copy. To copy Status/Graphics, Controls and/or other properties between features.
  • Disk monitor. To monitor any disk in your HS4 system.
  • Memory monitor. To monitor memory usage in your HS4 system.
  • Process monitor. To monitor processes on your HS4 system.
  • Network monitor. To monitor IP addresses (or hostnames).
  • File monitor. To monitor file/folder activity on your HS4 system.
  • Log monitor. To monitor specific HS4 log entries by using HS4 event triggers.
  • Plugin monitor. To monitor status and (new) HS4 and Plugin versions.
  • Backups. Configure your backups and activate them by using HS4 event actions.
  • Shutdown/Restart. Use HS4 event actions to Shutdown HomeSeer, Shutdown System or Restart System.
  • HS4 Debug. Enable and disable HS4 debug mode.
  • Syslog monitor and forwarding. Receive Syslog message and/or forward HS4 log to a Syslog server.
  • Health monitor. Monitor device updates and battery levels.
  • Cleanup. Removed devices and features that belong to a (removed) plugin.
  • Hardware monitor. Monitor temperatures and fan speeds of selected components.


  • Software License Codes


  • HomeSeer HS4-Powered System
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux


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