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izTexecom Software Plug-in for HS3:HomeSeer Store

izTexecom Software Plug-in for HS3

  • $ 39.95

This plug-in is designed to interface HomeSeer 3 with Texecom alarm systems interfaces. This lets you read the status of your individual zones, send key presses and more.

Main Features

  • This plug-in allows you to remotely monitor your security system: Zone Status, Area Status, etc.
  • In HS3 each Zone as well as each Area is represented with a device
  • The LCD status display is represented with a HS3 device
  • Zones and Areas are updated dynamically
  • The LCD status is updated through polling based on a user controlled timer
  • With this plug-in you can send command to your system by simulating keypad key-presses
  • Allows HomeSeer to request information on areas and to refresh the LCD status

Downloads (Manuals / User Guides / Software)

What's Included

  • Software License Codes


  • HomeSeer HS3 or HS3 PRO Version or above
  • Texecom alarm system with a USB or Serial interface such as the “Texecom JAA-0001 PC-COM Serial Interface Connector” or the “Texecom JAC-0001 PC-USB Serial Interface Connector”
  • Texecom USB/Serial interface should be set to “Crestron” mode (your installer should be able to program this)
  • The Texecom serial interface should be connected to your HomeSeer PC via a serial connection or connected to your IP network via serial to IP gateway
  • Compatible with Windows only

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