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Radio Thermostat Software Plugin for HS3:HomeSeer Store

Eric Fetty Radio Thermostat Software Plugin for HS3

  • $ 35.99

This plugin adds support for Wifi enabled Radio Thermostats and re-branded versions (CT-30, CT-80, etc). It allows HomeSeer to be configured to connect to these thermostats, send thermostat control commands and establishes the necessary HomeSeer devices to be used in events for more complex control.

Main Features

  • Manage Wifi enabled Radio Thermostats and rebranded versions
  • Supports Heat/Cool Set Points and Thermostat Mode
  • Supports Hold Mode
  • Supports Fan Mode
  • Supports Current State, Fan State, Temperature
  • Automatically discovers all supported thermostats and creates the propper devices
  • Supports multiple thermostats

What's Included

  • Software License Codes


  • HomeSeer HS3 or HS3PRO
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux
  • RadioThermostat must be Wifi connected to the same network that the HomeSeer installation is on.
  • .Net Framwork 4.6 (Windows)
  • Latest Mono Version (Linux)

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