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RFXCOM Processor Software Plug-In for HS3

RFXCOM Processor Software Plug-In for HS3

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This software plugin is designed to allow HomeSeer systems to integrate with RFXCOM receivers and transmitters and WGL W800 receivers..

Main Features

  • Compatible with RFXCOM Receivers and Transmitters
  • Compatible with WGL W800 Receivers
  • Works with a variety of wireless sensors
  • This software is NOT free to HomeSeer PRO-Series users.

Important Information

Process received data from RF sensors and remotes.
The plugin processes the received RF data from a lot of wireless RF sensors and RF remotes.
This can be for example:

  • X10 security sensors, lighting sensors and remotes
  • Digimax
  • RFXSensor for temperature, humidity, barometric pressure
  • RFXPower for electricity usage metering
  • RFXMeter with RFXPwr and RFXPulse for electricity/gas/water metering
  • Visonic security sensors and keyfobs
  • Oregon Scientific sensors and body weight monitors, (see the list at the end of this page)
  • KlikOn-KlikOff/DomiaLite/NEXA/BBSB/ELRO AB600 (chime, remotes, wall switches)
  • ATI Remote Wonder.

Control RF devices
The plugin can control electrical curtains and different types of RF lamp/appliance modules.

  • Somfy RTS
  • X10 lighting (not for US X10),
  • Arm/Disarm X10 alarm panels (nor for US X10),
  • KlikOn-KlikOff, DomiaLite, ELRO, Flamingo, NEXA, BBSB,
  • HomeEasy, (with preset dim levels)
  • Harrison electrical curtains.

Built-in software security panel
A status display gives the possibility to check error messages that have occurred.
The last displayed message can be used for an SMS message if an alarm occurs.
The arm/disarm status of this software alarm panel can be transmitted in RF to synchronize an X10 alarm panel (not for US X10)
Options for security sensors:

  • button to temporarily disable the sensor (if the sensor is in error or battery empty)
  • delayed sensor (to enter or leave the house if the panel is armed)
  • "away only" sensor (mainly used to disable motion sensors if armed-home)
  • active sensor (sensor is used in the security panel)

A configuration example with KlikOn-KlikOff, On/Off and dimmable HomeEasy modules, a Harrison electrical curtain, Oregon Scientific sensors and body weight scale, RFXSensor, RFXMeter for power usage and gas metering, build-in Alarm panel with status and display, alarm sensors, for the postbox a security sensor but not part of the alarm system and a manually disabled security sensor “Test”.

What's Included

  • Software License Codes


  • HomeSeer HS3 or HS3PRO
  • RFXCOM Receiver or Transceiver and/or WGL W800 receiver
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux

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