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alexbk66 AK Google Cast Software Plugin for HS4

alexbk66 AK Google Cast Software Plugin for HS4

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This is an HS4 plugin for using Google Chromecast / Google Home devices as HomeSeer speech clients, monitoring and control of currently playing media, and sending Audio/Video media and Web-pages to Google Chromecast/Google Home devices.

Main Features

  • Automatically discovers Google Chromecast and Google Home devices on your network using mDNS (Windows) and Avahi DBus (Linux) ZeroConf technologies
  • Creates HomeSeer Speaker Client for each discovered device to allow selection in TTS action
  • Creates many HS4 devices for each Chromecast - Title, Artist, Album, Image, Volume, ContentID (clickable link), track position slider, etc.
  • Selection between HomeSeer and Google Translate voices with language selection
  • Event Action for sending media and webpages to Chromecast/Google Home, including currently playing media, i.e. open current Chromecast Backdrop image (my favorite)
  • Many configuration options for each Chromecast/Google Home device
  • HS4 devise to disable/enable TTS individually for each Google device
  • HS4 Devices for controlling media playback, volume, etc.

What's Included

  • Software License Codes


  • HomeSeer HS4 or HS4PRO
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux

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