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Bernold Somfy Local Software Plugin for HS4

Bernold Somfy Local Software Plugin for HS4

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This plugin lets you control a compatible Somfy gateway, like Tahoma Switch or Connexoon over your local network after initial token creation from the cloud. It allows you to control paired devices with Somfy actuators (RTS, io-homecontrol) like Velux roof windows and skylights, awnings from Weinor, Brustor and others, screens, blinds, shutters, etc. And even Zigbee devices if supported by your gateway.

Main Features


    • Software License Codes


    • HomeSeer HS4-Powered System
    • Compatible with Windows and Linux
    • HS
    • An account with Somfy online (during setup)
    • At least one compatible Somfy gateway
    • Actuators and/or sensors paired with gateway


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