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Blade BLRussound Software Plug-in For HS3

Blade BLRussound Software Plug-in For HS3

  • $ 29.95

The BLRussound Plug-in for HomeSeer communicates with the Russound system.

Main Features

  • User can add up to 6 controllers to the plug-in.
  • User can assign zone and source names.
  • User can specify BLRussound triggers as part of HomeSeer events.
  • All control of the Russound can be achieved by calling scripting calls in the plug-in. Details of all calls are in the help.
  • The scripting calls will allow users to customize their own touchscreen displays using the calls in the plug-in to control their Russound.
  • Users can force the plug-in to use the source names defined for a controller as the source names that will appear on the keypad assigned to the source.
  • Users can specify a HomeSeer event, script command or script file to execute for any source keypad button (Play, Pause, Stop, etc). When you press the button on the keypad, the user can specify an action in HomeSeer.

What's Included

  • Software License Codes


  • HomeSeer HS3
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux

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