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Blade BLStat Software Plug-in For HS3:HomeSeer Store

Blade BLStat Software Plug-in for HS3

  • $ 29.95

The BLStat Plug-in for HomeSeer® allows communication and control of Z-Wave thermostats configured in HomeSeer.

Main Features

  • User can control multiple thermostats.
  • User can setup multiple schedules and assign a schedule to each thermostat.
  • User can control Run/Hold for each thermostat. User can set the hold temperature and how long the hold will be active until the thermostat is returned to its schedule.
  • User can enable or disable manual setpoint changes in the plug-in.
  • Scripting calls exist to help control the plug-in from a script, MainLobby or HSTouch. See help for details.
  • HomeSeer devices are created for each thermostat (if specified).
  • User can specify event triggers and actions.
  • User can view the activity log of all actions in the plug-in.

What's Included

  • Software License Codes


  • HomeSeer HS3 or HS3PRO
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux
  • HomeSeer HS3 or HS3 PRO

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