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HomeSeer Indicator Light Cable

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Indicator Light Sensor Cable For HS-FS100 Flex Sensor

This indicator light sensing cable is designed to detect light and color changes that are typical with indicator lights. Use with our HS-FS100 Z-Wave Flex sensor to trigger events and automations when indicator lights turn on, turn off, or change color.

Possible Uses...

  • Dehumidifier needs to be emptied
  • Humidifier needs to be filled
  • Water softener needs more salt
  • Washing machine turns off
  • Dryer/Washer turns off
  • Computer or network equipment needs attention
  • Home entertainment gear turns on or off
  • Security panel lights come on
  • Heating or cooling equipment need attention
  • The freezer has stopped working, IE: unplugged
  • Air filter needs replacing


  • 4 foot Indicator Light Cable


    • Length: 4 feet


    • 4-pin cable with double-stick tape


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