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HomeSeer PS100 Z-Wave Plus Presence Sensor

HomeSeer PS100 Z-Wave Plus Presence Sensor

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NOTE: This product is currently under development and expected to release in 2024. Features, specifications, pricing and other details are subject to change.

Z-Wave Smart Presence Sensor

The PS100 is a new breed of sensor that uses high frequency millimeter wave technology to detect very small movements from people, pets and objects. This makes PS100 the ideal solution for tracking room occupancy and for a wide variety of security needs.

Unlike conventional PIR (passive infrared) motion sensors which can become ‘blind’ to people who are motionless for a time, PS100 is sensitive enough to detect people breathing or even sleeping.

Additionally, PS100 includes wireless Z-Wave technology allowing it to be integrated into popular smart home hubs from HomeSeer, Samsung (SmartThings), Home Assistant, Hubitat and more.

Main Features

  • Ultra-sensitive millimeter wave sensor
  • Multi-position mount
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to adjust
  • Works with most Z-Wave certified controllers*
  • Powered by USB-C adapter (not included)


Install using the supplied hardware and pair with your smart home software or hub. PS100 may be used to trigger events ("automations") when movement is sensed. Use this turn on lights, send notifications, sound alarms or change the occupancy status of your home. This sensor will send Z-Wave commands when (a) motion is sensed and (b) when motion has not been sensed for a (user-adjustable) period of time.


  • 24 GHz mmWave sensor
  • Dimensions (excluding bracket): 2.6" x 1.9" x 0.6"



  • PS100 sensor
  • Adjustable mount
  • User guide


  • Z-Wave certified smart home hub or software
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