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Michael McSharry mcsMQTT Software Plugin for HS3 - HomeSeer

Michael McSharry mcsMQTT Software Plugin for HS3

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MQTT, REST, TCP, UDP, WebSocket, Serial, Shelly, Pentair,BLE,StreetMap, Geofence, WLED, Intesis, Daikin,YoLink, Ecowitt, VoiceMonkey, IR,RF, IPrelay, CPU, PluginControls

Main Features

  • Creates HS3 Devices, Triggers, and Actions
  • Plugin CPU Use Restart/Enable/Disable Control
  • ESPresense
  • Flume Water
  • Epson Projector
  • Emporia Vue
  • Serial (COM and IP) Integration
  • YoLink Integration
  • IR Learn/Play via Broadlink
  • RF Learn/Play via Broadlink
  • Bidirectional user-defined URLs with REST, POST, GET, HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, UDP and WebSocket protocols
  • Geofence, Street Map display using Owntracks App on smartphone
  • WLED Integration
  • Bluetooth Beacon integration for home/away reporting
  • Pentair pool equipment integration
  • GW1000 integration for Ecowitt and Ambient
  • Decode JSON, XML, Querystring for easy mapping into HS devices
  • Direct storage to InfluxDB
  • Recording for historical data retention
  • Charting from InfluxDB and SQLite databases
  • Feature-rich UI for management of MQTT traffic
  • Intesis and Daikin integration for air conditioning
  • Supports Home Assistant Discovery protocol
  • EcoNet
  • Coulisse B.V. Blinds


  • Software License Codes


  • HomeSeer HS3-Powered System
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux