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UltraJones UltraFlowMeter3 Software Plug-in for HS3

  • $ 39.95

UltraFlowMeter3 is a new HomeSeer Plug-in (HSPI) that supports any number of FortrezZ Water Flow Meters installed within your home or building.  

Main Features

  • Supports an unlimited number of FortrezZ Flow meters
  • Automatically creates the HomeSeer devices needed to track water consumption in your home or building
  • A Loads web page provides access to the real-time energy usage
  • Trigger a HomeSeer event based on water consumption rate, cost or status
  • Error Try/Catch logic to ensure plug-in doesn't fail with an unhandled exception

The plug-in automatically detects your Z-Wave connected Flow Meters and adds the following HomeSeer devices to track water flow and consumption:

  • Water Flow Rate Duration [Current]
  • Water Flow Rate Duration peak [Today]
  • Water Flow Rate [Current] in gallons per minute
  • Water Flow Rate peak [Today] in gallons per minute
  • Water Flow Status (none/low/medium/high)
  • Consumption Cost So Far Today
  • Consumption Cost Yesterday
  • Consumption Cost Last 7 Days
  • Consumption Cost Last 30 Days
  • Consumption So Far Today
  • Consumption Yesterday
  • Consumption Last 7 Days
  • Consumption Last 30 Days

When used with the FortrezZ Flow Meter, you have the power to automate, manage and monitor water consumption, and detect leaks in your home or building.  This is an integral part of a complete water management solution.

Downloads (Manuals / User Guides / Software)

What's Included

  • Software License Codes


  • HomeSeer HS3-based System
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux

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