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UltraJones UltraM1G3 Software Plugin for HS3:HomeSeer Store

UltraJones UltraM1G3 Software Plugin for HS3

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HS4 users:  This plugin was created for HS3 and should run on your HS4 system. However, the setup/config pages are not optimized for use on mobile devices.

UltraM1G3 HSPI is a cool new HomeSeer HS3 plugin for the Elk M1 Alarm Panel. The UltraM1G3 plugin connects to the Elk M1 Alarm Panel using either a serial or Ethernet connection allowing control of the panel using HomeSeer. An extensive list of HomeSeer Triggers and Actions are available to customize your home automation setup.

Main Features

  • Multiple threading allows UltraM1G3 to process events from the Elk M1 without disrupting the performance of HomeSeer.
  • Elk M1 command queue executed in its own thread.
  • Verification and retry logic to verify critical commands sent to the Elk M1 are processed.
  • Error Try/Catch logic to ensure plugin doesn't fail with an unhandled exception.
  • Elk M1 real-time clock updated on startup.
  • Elk M1 Panel configuration is saved between sessions and loaded on startup.
  • Flexibility to allow the creation of only the HomeSeer devices desired (Area, Keypad, Users, Zones, Outputs, Thermostats, Custom Settings, Counters, Tasks, Lighting, System Status and Areas Status).

What's Included

  • Software License Codes


  • HomeSeer HS3 or HS3PRO
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux

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