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UltraJones UltraNetCam3 Software Plug-in for HS3:HomeSeer Store

UltraJones UltraNetCam3 Software Plug-in for HS3

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UltraNetCam3 is a HomeSeer HS3 plug-in used to capture snapshots from network cameras installed in your home for surveillance and security purposes. UltraNetCam3 supports taking simultaneous snapshots from your network cameras and provides the ability to archive the snapshots off site to an FTP repository or sending e-mail notifications containing the last snapshot, or a compressed attachment of the snapshots or an MP4 video of the snapshots.

Main Features

  • Multiple threading allows UltraNetCam3 HSPI to take simultaneous snapshots from your network cameras without disrupting the performance of HomeSeer.
  • Supports multiple network cameras (limited by your HomeSeer hardware).
  • An Event Snapshot Action supports taking from 1 to n snapshots with x seconds between each snapshot. In addition, you can send an e-mail notification, compress event snapshots and upload the compressed file to a local or remote FTP server.
  • A Take Snapshot Action allows you to refresh the last snapshot and thumbnail image.
  • CGI Command Action allows you to run a command supported by your network camera (e.g. go to preset n and wait x seconds for command to complete).
  • Automatically convert a snapshot event to MP4 video if snapshot count exceeds a set threshold.
  • A Purge Snapshots Action allows you to purge snapshots (or all but the last n events) for the selected network camera.
  • Snapshot events are automatically purged from the FTP archive directory based on a pre- defined FTP archive threshold.
  • Foscam motion alarm trigger supported by select Foscam network cameras.
  • A network camera View webpage that displays the last snapshot for each network camera.
  • A Snapshot webpage that displays the event snapshot by camera and event number.
  • User ID and password are not sent as part of the URL query string (unless required by the GGI action).

How it Works:

UltraNetCam3 HSPI connects to your network cameras using the HTTP protocol and captures a series of snapshots (still images) in response to an external trigger (motion sensor, door opening, etc.) to create a snapshot event. The snapshot event can be viewed using HomeSeer and can be sent by e-mail or archived to an FTP repository.

Downloads (Manuals / User Guides / Software)

What's Included

  • Software License Codes


  • HomeSeer HS3
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux

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