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UltraJones UltraTiVo3 Software Plugin for HS3

UltraJones UltraTiVo3 Software Plugin for HS3

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UltraTiVo3 is n HS3 plugin that allows you to use HS3 to control your TiVo DVR from your local area network. The commands allow control of channel changes, user interface navigation and just about anything your existing TiVo remote control can do.

HS4 users:  This plugin was created for HS3 and should run on your HS4 system. However, the setup/config pages are not optimized for use on mobile devices.

Main Features

  • Automatically discovers the TiVo DVRs connected to your LAN and creates HomeSeer devices to enable network control.
  • Monitor & Control multiple thermostats
  • Supports System Modes, Fan Modes & Setpoints
  • Provides Simulated 'Auto' Mode to switch between Heat/Cool.
  • Place or remove Permanent or Temporary Holds
  • Monitor Indoor & Outdoor Temperature/Humidity (If provided by your thermostat)

What's Included

  • Software License Codes


  • HomeSeer HS3 or HS3PRO
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux
  • Thermostat must be controllable by
  • Internet access is required to communicate with the Honeywell servers.
  • Windows users must be running Windows Vista or newer.
  • Linux (Pi/Zee/SEL) users must run Mono 4.8 or higher.

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