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W.Vuyk JowiHue Software Plugin for HS4

W.Vuyk JowiHue Software Plugin for HS4

  • $ 39.95


  • HS4 plugin licenses are now available for purchase.
  • All plugins can be installed (and trialed for 30 days) from within the HS4 Web interface.
  • Current owners of JowiHue for HS3 are eligible to receive 60% off this plugin. Click HERE to receive your discount code.

This plugin is designed to allow HS4 to control Zigbee devices like lights, remotes, or sensors. The plugin can be used in combination with Philips Hue bridges, Phoscon( RaspBee or ConBee) gateways in any combination. With the Philips bridge, the plugin can control all lights and sensors that are known to work with the Philips bridge. With the RaspBee or ConBee gateways of many brands Zigbee devices that are compliant with the ZigBee3 standards can be controlled through HS4.

Main Features

  • Control Zigbee connected lights, remotes and switches
  • Use bridge groups to synchronize color changes
  • Create and trigger scenes
  • Control Hue Play HDMI Sync Boxes
  • Take snapshots of current settings of lights for use in presets and scenes
  • Event triggering based on the status of lights, groups, remotes, or switches.
  • Event actions on lights, groups, scenes, and animations
  • Script commands available for detailed control
  • Independent of cloud services

    What's Included

    • Software License Codes


    • HomeSeer HS4 or HS4PRO
    • Compatible with Windows and Linux

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