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HomeSeer HSM200 Z-Wave Multi-Sensor

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AC Powered Multi-sensor With RGB Indicator

HSM200 senses motion, temperature and light level and it can be programmed to display up to 7 different glowing colors when things happen in the home. The unit is line powered so there are no batteries to change and it works as a repeater for your Z-Wave network.

Main Features

  • Motion, Temperature, and Light sensor
  • Includes multi-colored LED indicator 
  • Line-powered
  • Works as a repeater
  • Never needs batteries
  • Supports Z-Wave Plus technology
  • Firmware may be updated by home owner

Important Information

Since the HSM200 is line powered, there are no batteries to change and the unit automatically operates as a Z-Wave network repeater. Installation is fast and easy. Just plug into any available 120v outlet and tap the button on the side to join it to your Z-Wave network.

HSM200 is compatible with any HomeSeer system, including the full line of HomeTrollers. HomeSeer users can create events to display different colors when motion is sensed, doors are opened, water leaks are detected or just about anything else happens in the home. Color options include red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan and white. The unit can also be programmed to work as a night light after hours.


  • PIR Range: 12', 90° Coverage
  • Temperature Sensor Range: -10-80°C, 0.1°C Resolution
  • Light Sensor Range: 0-10,000 LUX
  • Power: 120v, 60Hz
  • US Z-Wave Operation
  • Indicator Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Cyan, Yellow, White
  • Z-Wave Plus Certified



  • Multisensor
  • Manual


  • Z-Wave certified controller needed for motion, temp, light level sensor
  • Color LED feature requires HomeSeer HS3 system or other controller that supports the Z-Wave color command class


  • The sensor reports luminance as LUX by default. If you enable polling, it will then report as %.
  • LED hues may vary from batch to batch. This will affect cyan, magenta, yellow and white more so than red, green and blue. This is normal. 

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